A young slave escapes his master and joins the first-ever black Union regiment to fight a battle in the Civil War.  But his greatest peril lies in the relentless pursuit of the man who once raised him, and enslaved him. 


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Private Washington is the working title of a feature film based on the oral history of slave-turned-Union soldier George Washington.  Set against the flames of the bloody border war between free Kansas and slave-state Missouri, George's harrowing fight for freedom and salvation are ever threatened by the owner who relentlessly pursues him, and by the combat he must face in the first-ever black Union regiment to fight a battle in the Civil War. 

This is an important chapter of American history left untouched by Hollywood, and unlike other films, it depicts African-Americans as agents of their own salvation, without  themes of victimization, or the usual rescue of a white "savior".  Intense action, military, and western themes will appeal to a broad audience, as will the universal concepts of human freedom, dignity, and redemption.

This is a story whose time has come to tell.

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Brant Hadfield - Story Creator/Producer